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Mobile Offices

Mobile offices are an excellent solution in facilities that need additional separate indoor rooms.

The offices are built as single or two stories, are easy to position and can also be used as rest rooms. If more space is needed, modules can be connected into the short or long sides. The design provides extremely good load bearing capacity and the walls can handle large peak loads. The sections are primarily constructed of non-inflammable material such as steel, plasterboard and mineral wool. Fire resistance is therefore extremely good.

The walls also provide good protection against EMP and block unwanted electromagnetic pulses. The same applies to dust, since all joints close completely due to effective seals. Effective protection is provided around noise-sensitive areas such as offices, conference rooms and rest rooms in environments with hazardous noise levels.

The offices are available in two basic sizes; 6.6 m2 or 8.8 m2 in gray-white finish with anthracite coloured trim. 


The offices are supplied complete with doors and windows (hardened glass), floor covering and electrical installations. Light fixtures are not included. The floor is provided with fork lift points for easy movement and transport.

The modules can also be supplied unassembled. The offices are available in two sizes, 6.6 m²: or 8.8 m² in gray-blue or gray-white finish with anthracite coloured trim. 

Hardened glass

Secure windows of hardened glass.

Colour-matched trim strips

The strips can be colour-matched to the basic design.

Attachment options

Rails for attachment of strong brackets.

Colour-matched walls

The walls can be colour-matched to blend into the surround area.

Ready-fitted electrical installation

The offices are supplied with ready fitted electrical cables for quick installation.


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