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Wall System

The Cassette 900 wall system is a flexible and modifiable solution for workshop offices, conference rooms, rest rooms, lunch rooms, clean rooms and computer rooms. The system makes it possible to create customized rooms at a far lower cost than conventionally built walls.

Internal environment and people in focus

Cassette 900 helps you achieve flexible solutions. Workshop offices, conference rooms, rest rooms, lunch rooms, clean rooms, computer rooms, welding booths, machine encapsulation or simple screen walls, this system provides a solution that works.

Customized working environment

As market leader for several decades, Robust has built up unique experience. This experience has been assembled in a knowledge bank, systemized via the most common selection criteria. Six basic factors determine the choice of wall:

– Soundproofing
– Dust exclusion
– Fire safety
– EMP protection (electro-magnetic pulses)
– Shock resistance
– Flexibility

Expand, and save time and money

Production halls often have limited floor area. This often becomes apparent when the need for more space arises. Expanding the building is often expensive. However, expanding upwards can be both a practical and economical solution. v.

Space to work and relax in

Volvo Trucks is one of the world’s leading producers of heavy trucks. At their Umeå factory, the Cassette 900 wall has become a natural partner when building up the internal environment. The image shows a 10 m high dividing wall, where every other section is perforated to absorb noise from the production line.

Tested and proven

Several important facts speak for the wall system;

Cassette 900 is primarily constructed of non-inflammable material such as steel, plasterboard and mineral wool. 

As far as the noise level in industrial offices is concerned, the aim should be to reduce external noise to a level that permits telephone conversations at normal voice level and normal conversation without straining the voice. Five factors influence noise level: – The design of the separating function – The sound absorption inside the office – The frequency spectrum of the noise – The number of surfaces subjected to noise – Resonance (vibrations through the floor, etc.)

The load capacity of the wall sections is dependant on the design of the joints.

Cassette 900 is a smart solution when you need extra rooms indoors. A complete unit built from Cassette 900 can be placed exactly where you want it. Quickly, easily and cheaply, without building costs. Complete rooms for offices, rest rooms or stores, as one or two stories. Offered in the same finishes as Cassette 900. 


Cassette 900 is based on a number of simple basic modules. However, the design and method of construction allow almost unlimited variations of size and shape.

Simple assembly/disassembly also eliminates the risk of building permanent solutions that cannot be changed over time. 


The modules are joined together quickly and easily to form pleasant rooms with a well balanced level of light, heating, cooling and humidity.

The design of the joints provides extremely good load bearing capacity and the walls can handle large peak loads. The sections are primarily constructed of non-inflammable material such as steel, plasterboard and mineral wool. Fire resistance is therefore extremely good.

The walls also provide good protection against EMP and block unwanted electromagnetic pulses. The same applies to dust, since all joints close completely due to effective seals.

The system provides effective protection around noise-sensitive areas such as offices, conference rooms and rest rooms in environments with hazardous noise levels. 

Windows of hardened glass

Secure windows of hardened glass.

Flexible use

The wall system is flexible and can easily be adapted to any use.

Lockable doors

For increased security, the wall system can be supplied with lockable doors.

Colour-matched panels

The walls can be colour-matched to blend into the surround area.

Good sound absorption

Wall system technology creates a low noise level.

Example solutions

The wall system is built according to your needs. Examples of applications are almost unlimited. Common areas of use are offices, training/conference rooms, rest rooms, lunch rooms, clean rooms and computer rooms.


Cassette 900 can be assembled quickly and does not require specialized knowledge or equipment. Assembly and modification is clean and creates a minimum of disturbance in the room. There are no shavings or building materials left lying about. No paint spill or messy wallpapering. The quick clean assembly contributes to good total economy.


Roofing is available in various versions depending on load demands, noise insulation and fire protection. 


Windows are available in different heights. Windows of hardened glass. Window frames of oxidized aluminium.


Wall sections are fitted to each other with locking catches which form labyrinth joints that provide good sound insulation and dust exclusion. Electrical cables can be run inside joints. The walls can even be fitted with fireproof joints. The joints can be made to suit different applications, just like the wall sections. For example with reinforcing posts, fire resistant plasterboard or noise insulating mineral wool. 

Reinforcement post 

Hidden reinforcement post for two-story installations and high walls. 


With Cassette 900, you can grow today and tomorrow. Expand by modifying with new wall sections or an extra floor. Walls that have been dismantled can easily be assembled again. Cassette 900 is a profitable investment for both the short term and long term. 


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