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A mezzanine gives your premises an extra floor. Welcome extra square feet in locations where space is a scarce commodity. Through the years, Robust has supplied a large number of space-saving mezzanines to Swedish industry. We believe that we understand why companies come to us. Stability, our unique attention to detail, simple assembly and the possibility of adapting and customizing staircase solutions, are strong arguments that we know sell.


LAGER KOMPONENTER MEZZANINE ME250 allows you to make efficient and economic use of spaces in warehouses, factories and offices. The system can easily be assembled and disassembled, is easy to expand and has great flexibility in places where its use changes over time. The mezzanine can manage loads from 250 to 1,000 kg per m².

Beams and fittings are supplied as standard in galvanized coating, other parts in anthracite gray. Accessories such as railings and gates are tested and proven for maximum safety. Steps are made from non-slip aluminium, floor sections are available in different designs. The mezzanine can be customized with regard to size, height and load bearing capacity. Prices, advice and drawing proposal on request.

Opening doors

Opening doors for handling goods are optional.

Wall system

All mezzanines can be complemented with the Robust wall system.


Assembly instructions
Lager Komponenter entresol

Data Sheets
Entresol ME 250