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Our products are often based on a practical need that we solve with stable, well thought out designs.

Lagerkomponenter offers a well thought-out program of quality components for the manufacturing industry. The range of products includes everything from tool and storage cabinets to customized solutions for offices, stairs, mezzanines and wall systems. We are also recognized as a leading player in sheet metal processing, with a high level of expertise in areas such as laser cutting, punching, robot welding, roll profiling and painting.


We manufacture a wide and well thought-out range of industrial components in our factory in Säffle.

The starting point is often a practical need from the shop floor, which we solve with a stable, well thought-out design and with a quality that is built to last. The basic material is often sheet metal that we process with modern machines into a complete product. We have complete resources for the entire production chain, from cutting, punching and bending, to painting and final assembly.
One of our philosophical cornerstones is to adapt size, design and material from a number of standard basic components, to suit the user’s requirements. Our sales persons and designers are good listeners and quickly grasp what the customer requires. Everything from storage lockers to complete wall and office modules are available with great degree of variation.


Lagerkomponenter is a part of Applied Warehouses Group

Our production facility and headquarters are located in Säffle, about 60 km southwest of Karlstad, Sweden. It is from here that the entire production chain, from development and production, to delivery can be found. In recent years, the company has made significant investments to improve production efficiency and secure precision of delivery.


Quality is an obvious keyword for the whole of our business.

Our quality policy states that quality shall characterize all our operations. “By continuously developing and improving products and adapting them to our customer’s needs, LAGERKOMPONENTER shall retain and reinforce the confidence of our customers. Quality is the company’s key competitive tool, which means that every employee must perform his or her job, internally or externally, in a correct manner and deliver products at the right time. It is our customer’s needs and expectations that determine what is meant by quality, not our own opinion.”


Our business has its origin in Seffle Metallverk

Lagerkomponenter was founded as early as the 1940s. During these years, we have gone through several changes. The company was owned for a long time by Electrolux/Constructors, during which time we manufactured pallet racks and warehouse fittings.

In 2001 the business was acquired by ROBUST AB, who at that time were in need of manufacturing resources for their own products; primarily steel doors. Cooperation between the steel door factory and the other companies in the Robust Group has developed over the years, alongside the manufacture and marketing of our own industrial products.

In 2013 the Robust Group is reorganized and the parent company takes the new name Garden Growth Industries.

As a consequence of the new organisation we rename our company to LAGERKOMPONENTER I NORDEN AB.

Seffle Metallverk(SMV) is founded
SMV Purchased by Electrolux / Constructor
The Aaker Group acquires the Constructor part from Electrolux
The company is taken over by Kjell-Roger Holmström and becomes part of the Robust Group
The Group is acquired by Garden Growth Capital
We changed our name to Lagerkomponenter AB
Applied Warehouses acquires the company. The new name is Lagerkomponenter AB.